For nearly two decades, Ronald S. Vorona has provided ownership transfer, and general practice management consultation services to the private practice optometric and chiropractic communities in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Optometrists, Chiropractors and Dentists all play strategic roles as non- hospital based healthcare professionals.

"My most gratifying work has come in the area of practice ownership transfers. Over time, you become sensitized to evaluating a transaction from two entirely different perspectives. The key to the successful conclusion of a practice ownership transfer does not solely reside with the sale price, perse, but can be found within the dynamics that take place prior to the executed agreement," says Mr. Vorona.

"There are many variables to consider during the ownership transfer process. Each variable should be given its due consideration based on its prioritized relevance. However, in the end, all variables will either be eliminated as a condition of sale, or must fit firmly together, one to the other, prior to the successful completion of any ownership transfer."

WHERE TO BEGIN: It is always best to begin with Practice Valuation Opinion Report. This particular opinion should be given significant weight, when prepared by an experienced independent party. Practice Valuation Opinion Reports establish the parameters from which meaningful negotiations can begin.

WHO IS INCLUDED IN THE TRANSACTION PROCESS? "Working together with attorneys and accountants, is a requisite component in the transaction process. All allied professionals should have a welcomed seat at the table," says Mr. Vorona.

NEW RULES: New Rules don’t simply apply to HBO’s popular talk show host, writer and comedian Bill Maher; they also apply to every aspect of a professional’s daily business life. "The challenges of operating a professional healthcare practice today have become significantly more complicated than at any time in the past. By using a team approach in the practice assessment process, cost and income centers can more readily be discerned."

ABOUT MR. VORONA: Mr. Vorona has been published several times in the Illinois Optometric Association’s Professional Journal, is a frequent speaker at the Illinois College of Optometry, and founding member of Affiliated Healthcare Consultants, Ltd.; a Consortium of allied professionals that provide an array of consultative support services to healthcare providers of all disciplines.

Mr. Vorona is an Associate Member of the Illinois Optometric Association as well as the American Optometric Association. He has served as Executive Director of Eye Grads Inc., in Chicago, IL, since 1994. Eye Grads Inc. is a privately owned corporation owned exclusively by eyecare professionals serving the best interest of private practice eyecare providers nationally.

Our Services include, but are not limited to:
  • Oversight Practice Management Consultation
  • General Practice Management Consultation
  • Ownership Transition Consultation
  • The preparation of Practice Appraisal Opinion Reports
  • Practice Ownership Transfer and Merger Consultation
  • Asset Repositioning Consultation
  • Business Continuation Planning Consultation
Our Affiliates:
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Information Technology Consultants
  • Website Developers
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